Once again I have been rather remiss in not keeping the website up to date – for anyone who is wondering, the group is alive and very well indeed, having recently welcomed a few new faces to our regular meetings and weekend activities.  We are missing a few months on the programme page, but I will shortly be uploading the latest programme which will take us through to the end of July, during which time we have various activities including a Eurovision party, visit to the Crab & Lobster Festival at Cromer/Sheringham, and our big event, the summer party camping weekend.

Also on the agenda, next week in fact, is our NEW MEMBER NIGHT – its sort of like an “open evening” where everyone is welcome to come along, see what we do and who we are and whether you would like to join us.  We are always pleased to see new faces on any of our regular club nights, of course, so if you want to meet us but can’t make this night, then don’t be shy, get in touch.

With facebook being so popular, and with most people sharing their photos on there, I haven’t been updating the photos page on this website quite so much, as I rely on others to send me their pics.  If you are a facebook member, then why not look us up there too?

Also, something to note is that for this year only, our annual membership charge is reduced to only £15 – a bargain!  Even better is that you don’t have to pay a penny to the group until you have had chance to decide whether you like us or not – the first four weeks are completely free of charge!


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