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They Want Us Back!!

Jan 28
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We came; we saw; we showed Manor Park how we party!

A successful weekend, all in all, a bit odd to start with, in the new venue, but by the time we left on Monday morning it felt like our second home. The good news is, Manor Park enjoyed having us there so much they want us back again for 2011.

They tell us there is a revamp planned, definitely of the main venue, possibly something on the chalets, and they are working on getting us a price for this year.

For your diaries, the dates for 2011 are 4th to 7th November. We have elected the 2011 committee, worked on a provisional budget and kicked about some ideas for entertainment this year. Watch this space for more details as we can confirm them.

Counting Down

Oct 24
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I know some of you are!

Its nearly the time now when groups get together and decide such important issues as…….where will the parties be, who’s bringing coffee……..who’s bringing the toilet rolls…..have I got enough beer?

Not much more in the way of news to tell you, although it is very exciting to see that we are nearly equalling last years numbers at the moment – who knows, we could match, or even beat last year and thats something that hasn’t happened in a while!

I’m working now on putting programmes together, and on checking the timings with Manor Park we received a very enthusiastic “looking forward to seeing all you guys” type email from the venue.

Just one thing to note – those of you who like Karaoke may already know that we have put on an extra session on Friday night before the disco – this means if you want to take part you need to get Manor Park and the venue earlier than usual.

Its all a bit hectic for us all here now, so if I don’t post again before then, see you all at booking in on Friday 5th November!!

pre-WASH cycle commences

Sep 13
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Bookings have been steadily flowing in, and those who are on the one-list will have seen how our numbers are looking so far – very encouraging.

Bookings Update

Aug 3
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Well anyone who reads the one-list will already know that we have received

Booking Forms

May 19
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Hi everyone, just thought I’d let you know that booking forms have been sent out


Apr 25
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Well Brean is over and I’ve just about recovered!

Brean there, paid your WASH deposit?

Apr 13
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Only a few days to go now before some of us head over to Brean Sands in Somerset for the “little brother” of WASH – and looking forward to a fantastic weekend.

I will be there with my receipts book, ready to take your money in payment of your WASH deposit should you so wish.

New Beginnings

Apr 1
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Just recently, most people will have received a letter from the WASH 2010 committee detailing the commitment we have made to Searles to enable us to hold WASH this year, namely the guarantee of paying for 250 accommodation places.

Hello world!

Mar 31
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This is a new blog site which has been set up to keep people updated on the progresss of planning primarily for WASH 2010, but also for the future of WASH.